Stellar Rolls out Photo Recovery v6 to Regain Lost Memories

Metuchen, NJ, 3rd December 2013: Stellar Data Recovery, a leading Data Recovery solutions provider has launched the sixth version of its flagship offering ‘Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery’. This is their fastest recovery software yet, which can recover photos, videos & music files from a variety of storage devices like Hard Disks, Memory Cards, Phones, Cameras etc. The new version is up to 30% faster than the previous version.
People often lose their photos, music & video files due to accidental deletion or formatting. Stellar Phoenix helps them get back such lost files and supports more than 100 file types, including HD MOV which makes Stellar Phoenix one of the most diverse recovery software available today. A filter for recovering only deleted files has been added this time and therefore locating & recovering deleted files is an absolute cake walk.

“Over the past one year we have worked upon some key aspects of the tool with an objective of making it more convenient for customers to get back their lost data quickly in a hassle free manner. These updates have tremendously boosted the tools’ performance and we are confident that through this we will be able to bring back smiles on our customer’s faces.” said Mr. Sunil Chandna CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.

With Stellar Phoenix it is easy to recover files from a whole range of camera makes like Nikon, Cannon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic etc in just three clicks. It also recovers files with original file names.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v6 is available for both Windows & Mac OSX as a try before buy software like most other tools from Stellar. Scanning & preview features are available in the FREE version. Full version has to be purchased to save the recoverable files which is affordably priced at just $39. Free version can be downloaded from


Stellar Data Recovery is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization that specializes in Phoenix data recovery Tools, Disk utilities and in-lab data recovery services. Ever since 1993, Stellar has emerged as a leading and well-trusted brand for resolving all kinds of data loss situations. With its wide range of software and services, Stellar has more than 2 million customers, which includes top global corporates.

Tips for Successful Photo Recovery

The common misconception, which most of the digital camera users possess is that once a photo is deleted it is lost forever. Recovery of digital photos from memory card, hard disk of your computer, and any other data storage device is possible with the help of photo recovery tool, until the deleted data is not overwritten. Therefore, to avoid overwriting of data, a user has to follow certain precautions.

Digital photos go missing due to various reasons ranging from accidental deletion performed by the photographer to unplanned formatting of the camera card or hard drive of computer. You may lose your photos due to the corruption of hard drive and memory card as well. Despite the cause, the problem is same and that is loss of invaluable memories in the form of photos. The best way to overcome such losses is use of professional photo recovery tool. To perform successful recovery of your precious photos, it is suggested to follow certain tips:

Tips for Successful Digital Photo Recovery:

• As soon as you encounter the loss, it is suggested to take your memory card out from the camera to prevent it from being overwritten.
• Do not save any new photo on the affected memory card until the lost photos are recovered.
• If you have lost photos from hard drive of your computer, then stop using it as well.
• Do not use your hard drive for storing any new file.
• Do not download photo recovery tool on the affected hard drive (this is when you lost photos from hard drive). Download the software on another computer and attach your affected drive as external drive to it. However, if you already have photo recovery software with you in your computer, then you can use it directly for recovering the lost photos from affected volume.

These precautions are there to avoid overwriting of deleted image files that can occur as deleted files are not actually deleted; instead their index is removed and marked as ‘available’. Due to this, overwriting of deleted files is possible when you save new data in the affected data storage media. However, if you observe these tips, then you can expect successful recovery of your deleted or lost photos.

Professional photo recovery software scans your memory card or hard disk for all the files that do not have index entry or marked as ‘available’ and extract data from there. Hence it is the best choice for recovering your lost or deleted photos.

Photo Recovery Software – An Effective Solution for Photo Loss from Camera Cards

It’s always an amazing feeling after purchasing your most desired digital camera, and just because of this super excitement you start clicking pictures soon after unpacking it. Moreover, in next few months you find that the memory card of your camera is almost full as you don’t want to lose even a tiniest moment of happiness to be saved for lifetime. But, do you know that the memory card on which, you are relying so much for storing your precious photos can get corrupt any time and thus can cause inaccessibility of your photos? Yes, apart from the large storage capacity, a memory card is prone to lose photos. Therefore, it is always a good practice to transfer your photos to your PC soon after clicking them.

However, if due to any reason you have lost your photos before transferring them to your PC or before making their any other backup, then too you need not worry as there are photo recovery software available, which can recover all lost, deleted, or inaccessible photos from memory cards and other data storage devices.

Most of these cards have simple intuitive user interface and easy photo recover steps that don’t let you feel that you are a non-technical user and using the tool for the first time. Generally an efficient photo recovery tool has below mentioned three simple photo recovery steps:

  • Scan: The first step would be scanning of the affected memory card. Attach the affected memory card through the card reader to your PC on which, you have installed the software. After that start the scanning of the attached card with the photo recovery software.
  • Preview: After completion of the scanning of affected card, you can see the preview of all the photos that were present on it.
  • Recover: From the scanned result, you can either select all the scanned image files or select some specific image files for recovery.

In this way, in just three simple steps of a professional tool, you can recover all your photos that were lost due to corruption of the memory card or due to any other reason. Efficient photo recovery tools provide their separate versions for Mac and Windows users so that you can select the one according to the Operating System of your computer.

Precautions To Prevent Photo Loss from Digital Camera

As far back as we can remember, we have seen photos being clicked. Sometimes our parents, friends, relatives, and many times we have ourselves clicked photos. Today, we use digital cameras that allow us to instantly see the photos we click. These wonder gadgets save the photos on the card. We do transfer these pictures to various storage devices, including, computers, pen drives, CDs, iPods, and even digital photo frames. But have you considered that things can go wrong with these photos, while they are stored in these devices. For example, the file may get lost due to various reasons, like, formatting, corruption of the card or digital device, accidental deletion, pressing of ‘Shift’ key while deleting, etc.

To avoid data loss in such situations, following measures must be observed:

  • The camera, card, pen-drive, or computer should not be used further, to prevent overwriting of the lost file. In case the file does get overwritten, then there is no way to recover deleted photos.
  • As much as possible, take and update backups of the photos. Always ensure that you carry out the backup job as soon as possible. This ensures that in case you lose your photos, you can always undelete photos
  • Try to keep the storage media away from magnets and electromagnetic range. In case, the storage media stays in such a range, the storage are tends to get polarized differently, thereby causing irrevocable photo loss.
  • Another thing that one should observe is that the media should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold. Even these can interfere with the circuitry and lead to irreversible damage.
  • Make sure that you charge the battery of the camera, when you go anywhere. If batteries die in the middle of photo write operation, chances are that your memory card will get corrupt.
  • Likewise, make sure that while a photo write operation is being carried out, you do not shut it down, or remove the batteries. Even these can damage the memory card.
  • Always transfer your photos to the computer, and make sure you format the memory card after every use. This reduces the chances of the same getting damaged.

If you have already lost, deleted or formatted your media, the you will need to recover lost photos using a digital photo recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a reliable software for carrying out such recovery operations. Capable of recovering photos from any digital storage media, the application performs recovery in 3-simple steps i.e. Start-> Scan->Recover.

How to retrieve lost photos using Digital Photo Recovery Tools

With the advent of digital storage devices, our photographs no longer need to undergo the tedious development process inside a dark room. Today, digital cameras produce photographs instantly and these pictures can be stored in a variety of devices like memory cards, memory sticks, USB Flash Drives and the like. Though we take regular backups of all our important files to prevent data loss, but with the increase in complexity of the technologies used, chances of data loss also increases. In such scenarios, where our photos might become inaccessible due to corruption in the storage devices Windows digital photo recovery applications are a great help.

Your photographs could get lost due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged/formatted data cards: Data cards often get damaged because of viruses or because they have been ejected from the camera while the camera is on. In such situations we often reformat the card, resulting in everything including the image files, getting erased.
  • The USB device could not be recognized: This situation arises due to conflict after installing device drivers, installing updates and patches, reinstalling your Bluetooth, etc. These software conflicts often result in the storage device becoming inaccessible.
  • The Media Card being used contains errors: Media card errors can occur due to mishandling, reformatting, virus attack etc. giving you an inaccessible media card error.
  • Corruption of data due to power failure or accidental shutdown: The computer in which the card has been inserted, switches off accidentally without saving files, resulting in the files remaining in an indeterminate state. In such cases your image files might get corrupted or lost.

Probable solution to address these problems:

  • If you are unable to access your images saved in the device then stop using the card and do not save anything in it.
  • Run a virus scan using a good antivirus software
  • Try reading the memory card on another camera or device to ensure that the card itself is in working condition
  • Try uninstalling any drivers you may have recently installed. They may be causing a software conflict

If the problem persists consider using third-party photo recovery software applications which can assist you in recovering your photos.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a digital photo recovery tool that retrieves your pictures without modifying the structure, size, and resolution of the images. The photo recovery software can recover photos from memory cards and various other devices. It is user-friendly and affordable, and the demo version generates a preview of the recovered file, so that you can be satisfied with the result before you buy.

How to rectify ‘Memory card parameter error’

Are you getting ‘memory card parameter error’ after inserting the memory card in your digital camera? That is a common phenomenon. Basically, memory card uses ‘flash memory’ which empowers it to store large amount of data in a small area. If a memory card is not correctly formatted, it will definitely pester you with parameter errors. Due to such errors, the photos stored on a memory card becomes inaccessible. Therefore, in order to overcome such errors, you would be required to reformat the memory card in a correct way. After reformatting, you can restore the lost photos from a backup. However, if there is no clean and updated backup available, do not think the time has to come to do away with the memory card. You can recover lost photos from the memory card by using an efficient photo recovery software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you insert the memory card in a digital camera to view some photos from a recent family function, held at your place, and receive the following error:

“Memory card parameter error”

Due to the above error message, the photos on your memory card would become inaccessible. And, before you try different strategies to perform photo recovery, it is important for you to understand the major causes behind the problem.


The above error can surface in the following situations:

  • The memory card is not properly formatted in the camera
  • If you are using a faulty card reader
  • Or if the memory card is corrupt


In order to rectify the above error message, you can try the following methods:

  • Reformat the memory card to curb parameter errors
  • Replace the faulty card reader with a new one
  • To overcome corruption issues, format the memory card

Since formatting deletes all the data from a memory card, you must restore the lost photos by grabbing a third-party photo recovery software. Such tools recover lost photos from a formatted card without modifying the original content.

Moreover, they come loaded with a simple and graphical user interface which makes the recovery task very simple.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a comprehensive utility which recovers lost or deleted photos, and other multimedia files (audios, videos) from a range of digital cameras including Canon, Sony, Kodak etc. Available for in two versions for both Windows and Mac users, this photo recovery application recovers all photo formats.

Photo recovery software: A blessing for photographers

Being a fashion photographer, I carry my photography paraphernalia to my shoot locations. During one of my recent shoots outdoor, I carried one of my memory cards which contained the photos from a just concluded high-profile fashion event. I inserted the SDHC card in my camera to take a re-look at the glimpses of shots from the events, but failed to view a single photo. This unfortunate thing happened when my camera’s LCD displayed an error message. The occurrence of an error message was a clear indication that memory card has got corrupted. I could feel the goosebumps on the spot as I could not afford losing those valuable photos. Their loss could be detrimental to my career prospects. I considered searching the Internet right away for an appropriate photo recovery solution. During my research, I discovered a lot about the recovery concept and facts, which I would like to elaborate here.

Don’t use a memory card after data loss incident

A memory card when deletes a photo or some other file, it marks the space as free, so that it can be used by another file. The deleted photo is never erased permanently. Its index entry gets deleted from the file system of the memory card, whereas, content remains completely untouched. The data of the deleted file can be recovered until and unless a new file overwrites it. In a nutshell, photo recovery is not possible if you keep storing new photos onto a memory card or using it for different purposes. In fact after encountering a photo loss situation, you should immediately stop using it.

How recovery utilities prove helpful?

Photo recovery software are designed to recover photos from various storage media in all data loss situations like accidental deletion, accidental or intentional formatting, corruption, file system damage or virus attacks. Being read-only, they do not modify the original content.

All you need to do is download a reliable software, install it on your system and use it for instant recovery. To use such tools, you need not be a tech-savvy person as they come equipped with a simple and graphical user interface.

I, myself, downloaded a promising software called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and recovered all my lost photos and escaped the unfortunate situation. The photo recovery software recovers lost, deleted or formatted photos from all types of memory cards including SD, MMC, SDHC, XD etc. Both Windows and Mac users can use the application as it is available in two versions.

Learn to recover deleted photos from both desktop and laptop

Digital photography has come a long way. More and more people have now switched to digital cameras for easy and convenient photo shooting experience. Though, owning a good and promising digital camera has become a rage, it has been observed that cases of accidental deletion have also witnessed a surge. Many-a-times, you may end up deleting a bunch of cherished photos owing to a careless mistake. For instance, if you format your computer accidentally, your hard drive may get wiped off and you may lose some valuable photos. To deal such cases, you have two options in the form of a backup or an appropriate Photo recovery solution.

Following are the steps which you can observe in order to retrieve deleted pictures from your computer’s or laptop’s hard drive:

  • Your computer or laptop’s hard drive retains the deleted photos to certain extent of time. A hard drive keeps the data of the deleted file intact until a new file occupies the space and overwrites it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should refrain from using a hard drive until you recover the deleted pictures. You must stop using your computer or laptop immediately after encountering a data loss situation.
  • Search for a powerful and efficient photo recovery software on the Internet
  • After selecting a particular one, try its demo version first to get a preview of the recoverable data. If you are satisfied with the initial results, then you must download and install it on your system in order to recover deleted photos.

A good digital photo recovery software would come to your rescue in almost all data loss situations including accidental deletion, unintentional or intentional formatting, storage media corruption, virus attacks and etc.

Such third-party utilities are quite easy to use and you must not require technical knowledge to make them perform recovery. Being loaded with simple and interactive graphical user interface, they make the recovery task a complete cakewalk, so much so, that a novice can undertake it without any hesitation.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an exceptional utility which recovers lost, deleted, formatted photos from all storage media including hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, digital cameras, camcorders, Zip disks, USBs and other removable media. The photo recovery utility, available in two versions for both Windows and Mac users, recovers all formats (JPEG, RAW, TIF, PNG, BMP etc)

How to Recover photos from Olympus Mju 550 WP camera after XD card error

The Olympus Mju 550 WP is just not about the stylish looks but the camera has something really attractive to lure the adventurous souls. It is the ‘waterproof’ feature which allows the camera to be used at depths of up to ten feet underwater. Incorporating 10 megapixels, 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5 inch LCD display, this camera is one of the least expensive waterproof cameras. You can shoot countless photos with the camera as it is compatible with XD card. Though, your photos remain safe on XD cards, you cannot be fully assured of things. XD cards, just like other memory cards, are prone to generating errors, thus leaving your photos inaccessible. Though most of the errors can be rectified by formatting, the photos saved on XD cards remain missing. To deal such situations you must have a valid backup. In case, a backup cannot fulfill the requirement, you need not worry about recovering photos. A photo recovery software can work wonders and recover all your lost photos within a few minutes time.

As a practical case, you celebrated your daughter’s birthday and clicked several photos. While you connect your camera to a computer to transfer photos, the computer doesn’t allow the process. And when you put back your XD card in your Olympus Mju 550 WP camera, you are greeted by the following error:

Card error

As a result of the above error, you are not able to access the photos of your daughter’s birthday either on the camera or the computer.


The above error could surface in the following scenarios:

  • If the XD card contacts require cleaning
  • If the XD card is not inserted properly
  • If the XD card’s file system has got damaged


In order to make the XD card reusable and to access your photos, you can observe the following steps:

  • Clean the contacts of the XD card with a dry and soft cloth
  • Re-insert the XD card
  • Try and access the photos using a card reader
  • Format the XD card in your Olympus Mju 550 WP camera

As soon as you format the XD card, download a digital photo recovery software from the Internet in order to recover erased photos. Such third-party utilities are designed to recover photos in almost all possible data loss scenarios. Make sure, you select a read-only photo recovery utility with a simple graphical user interface.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use and reliable software that recovers lost, deleted or formatted photos from multiple camera brands including Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon etc. The photo recovery utility is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Recovering Formatted Photos From Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 is a 8.3 mega pixel camera with 18x optical zoom. The camera is equipped with intelligent auto mode, face detection technology, 27 MB inbuilt memory, and more powerful features. The camera also supports external storage media SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) card to save pictures. The data saved in external media remains intact until it gets corrupted due to logical or physical crash. In most of these situations, the user encounters an error message while accessing the storage media. To overcome such media corruption scenarios, the user needs to format the storage media in the card and restore data from an updated backup. However, in case no backup is available or backup file itself gets corrupted, the user can use a third-party photo recovery software.

To illustrate the above issue in detail, consider a practical case wherein you have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 with SDHC memory card. The card was working fine, until one day you encounter the below error message:


After the above error message appears, the data saved in the memory card becomes inaccessible. In addition, you are unable to click/save any new photos from your camera.


The above error message appears when the memory card gets corrupted or damaged.


To resolve the above SDHC memory card corruption error message, you will need to take below mentioned actions:

  1. Format the SDHC memory card in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18.
  2. Once the formatting is over, take an updated backup and restore photos back to the memory card.

The above resolution, although successful in most cases, can fail when you have not maintained any backup. In such situations, the formatted photos can only be accessed using an effective photo recovery utility.

Such photo recovery tools are built with interactive and wizard-style interface that makes them easily understandable. The photographer can rest assured about safety of the original data saved on the SDHC memory card. Moreover, the photographer can also preview its recoverable pictures before saving them at his/her required location.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a world-wide known utility that recovers lost pictures post formatting. The read-only photo recovery software can recover data from almost all storage media, including, hard drives, USB drives, hard drives, and more. Designed for both Windows and Mac OS X, the recovery tool supports recovery of all audio, video, and camera file types.