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DNG Photo Recovery

What is a DNG File ?

DNG or a Digital Negative file format is a universal open source code file format that has been developed by Adobe System Inc. and refers to any file that has been saved in this format with this extension. It is a RAW file format based on the TIFF file format and was originally intended to replace proprietary RAW formats around the world. The idea behind the development of DNG was to have a standard platform for all pictures.

Why is it better than other file formats ?

Every Camera company has its own RAW file format which makes interoperability a humongous job for photographers. With the increase in number of raw formats, many products have stopped support for older file versions. Archiving RAW formats requires software that is compatible with these formats. DNG formats facilitate archival, since digital-imaging software can open these raw files easily. DNG format is documented publicly and has its specifications readily available, so it can be adopted by camera manufacturers. Being able to perform across all platforms, DNG format enables efficient work-flow while handling different raw files. Any image file can be converted to a DNG file using conversion software developed by Adobe. The Adobe software converts almost all proprietary formats to a DNG format. DNG files have also made sharing the files between various platforms easier.

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Technical aspects of a DNG file.

A DNG file is made up of the following components:

  • The main RAW image-The main picture which has been saved in this format.
  • Metadata -The intricate details like date, time, voice-overs and camera settings details including focal length, aperture and exposure. Picture specific information, like, location where the picture was taken, image's provenance and licensing and various other details are also included in the metadata. It supports all kinds of metadata files including XMP metadata, IPTC metadata, Exif metadata.
  • Optional JPEG preview of the image-A preview of the picture stored in the DNG file.

A DNG file follows TIFF/EP. However, it is technically advanced as it also specifies metadata that describes individual parameters. The DNG format supports both processed and unprocessed image formats. It is further classified into two categories:

  • Raw DNG or CFA DNG (colored Filtered Array): Often referred to as just DNG, this file format supports raw or unprocessed image files. This version is coded with 4 channels and 12 or 14 bit color depth. Most applications that support DNG, actually support Raw DNG..
  • Linear DNG : This version of DNG files is used for now-raw or processed files and contains RGB image data. Linear DMG is demosaiced and has been developed to bring relief from the large number of proprietary Raw formats. This version is coded with 3 (or more) channels and 16 bit color depth.

While DNG files have a lot of advantages over various other file formats, one thing that the DNG files have not escaped is that, they could get deleted or lost due to umpteen reasons.

  • The file system of the storage device (where they are stored) could get corrupted.
  • There could be a virus attack on the card.
  • Accidentally formatting the card on which the data was stored.
  • Deleting the photos.

Though your DNG photos can get deleted, you can recover DNG files using a DNG Recovery Software. However, not all Photo Recovery Software can recover DNG files.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a trustworthy DNG Recovery Tool. This tool works for both Mac as well as Windows OS. The software scans the file system of the hard drive and recovers DNG files from within.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery supports DNG file formats and can retrieve data from almost any storage device-memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc.

*Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.